Websites designed for your
Health & Wellness Business

When it comes to your website do you feel...


Maybe you've tried making one on your own, or had a friend build one for you and you're not loving how it turned out.


You know having a website is important, but tech stresses you tf out and you don't even know how to get started.


You don't even want to tell people about your website because you're afraid they'll be turned off by it.

It's time for something different

How I Help You

Website Design, Strategy & Support

Ready to have a website that speaks to your ideal client and you’re excited to share with your audience?ย  New Edge Innovations offers a variety of services to help you engage with and serve your dream clients.

Website Design

Custom designed websites that align with your business & values that attract & convert your ideal clients into long-term, repeat customers.


Ideal if you're looking to improve Customer Journey on your website for better flow and conversions.


Ongoing support to help keep things running smoothly and pivot as your business grows and expands.

client love


Let's be real - designing, building, and maintaining a website that drives sales calls takes a LOT of time. If you're tech challenged, just the thought of trying to put together a website for your biz makes your tummy flop.

Here are the most popular two ways we can work together to get more sales calls on your calendar and keep your website up to date and safe against hackers with nothing but time on their hands.


Website in a Week

You read that right – no more waiting 3-4 months to get your website launched. Get a branded, custom website designed and built in just ONE WEEKย so it can work 24/7 for you, so you can start waking up to sales calls on your calendar!

Website Care Plans

Stop staying up late after the kids go to bed trying to update your website, sweatin’ bullets, afraid you’re gonna screw something up.ย 

Once your site is built, let’s keep it working 24/7, so you don’t have to.



Coffee Consults

Trying to fix something on your website and *this* close to throwing your laptop out the window?
Stop Googling all the things and let me help you!

Grab some coffee and we can fix your website together!

Oh hey!

I’m Sarah

Website designer & your tech gal in columbus, ohio.

I’m passionate about helping female entrepreneurs gain traction online through website design.

After spending more than a decade in corporate IT, New Edge Innovations was born with the desire to make a bigger impact on a real level and actually CONNECT with people.

Running a business by yourself means you’re wearing a LOT of hats all the time. That’s why it’s important to have a well designed website. It functions as your sales person 24/7 so you don’t have to do it all alone.

Are you ready for a website that’s aligned with your business & speaks to your dream clients?