3 Common Website Design Mistakes You Might Be Making

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  1. Your messaging isn’t clear – if you’re not clear on what you offer and who you serve, users will quickly lose interest or become confused as to what you’re trying to say. You don’t have to go into massive detail, but it should be clear what problems you’re solving for your dream clients.
  2. You’ve got waaay too much going on – too many colors & fonts, lots of pictures and big chunks of text are all things that can distract users from your message & lead to them forgetting why they clicked on your link in the first place. Stick to 3, maybe four colors, 2-3 fonts and break up big chunks of text with some complimentary images to help the user flow through your content in a way that feels natural.
  3. You’re missing Calls to Action – Part of consuming content on a website is knowing what to DO with it after we’ve consumed it. Users need some slight direction on what to do next after they’ve read what you have to offer. Do they need to book a discovery call to see if you’re a good fit? Do they sign up for a newsletter where you further educate & nurture your audience? Providing guidance on HOW the user can use the information you’ve presented is the biggest thing I find commonly missing from web design.

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