Website Design Tip: Tell ’em what to do!

website design tip - call to action

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Have you ever been to a website where you’re scrolling around thinking “yes, this is what I need!” and can’t find where to go next? That’s exactly what you want to avoid making your audience feel like when they visit your website. One of my top website design tips & part of a good user experience on a website is having clear Calls to Action (CTA) that guide your audience towards your desired goal. The goal for your website will vary depending on your industry and what service/product you offer.

Calls to action are a critical component of the Customer Journey on your website. They tell your audience what to do NEXT.

A good call to action doesn’t just tell your audience them to “buy now”. For instance, if you’re selling a Fitness & Nutrition plan, you want to connect with your audience by speaking to the results they can achieve from your plan. Put in black and white the end results of what they will see with their investment into your product/service.

Which feels more compelling as a Call to Action?

“Buy Now” or “Ready to perform & feel your best? Let’s get to work!”

While the first one tells them what they need to do, it doesn’t really evoke any sort of emotion when you read it. The second CTA will really resonate with your dream client and inspire them to either purchase your program or reach out for more information.

Not sure if your CTAs are landing with your dream clients? Book a Website Audit and get my eyes on your website to see what improvements you can make to improve the customer journey and increase conversions.

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