Measuring Your Marketing Efforts – Google Analytics Breaking Changes

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A key component to an effective marketing strategy is knowing how and where your customers are coming to you. Google Analytics is a fantastic tool that provides a lot of insight into where your web traffic comes from and what keywords they are using to locate your online services.

Google Analytics 4 is the newest version of Google analytics and it allows you greater insight into usage metrics as well as your tracking customer traffic. More robust reporting, customer focused measurements & deeper integration with Google Ads are probably the most important enhancements with GA4.

As of July 1, 2023 Universal Analytics (old GA) will no longer process new data.

In order to continue to view your traffic after July 1, you’ll need to set up GA4 on your existing websites.

Existing data cannot be imported from the legacy version of GA into GA4, so the sooner you get GA4 up and running on your website, the more historical data you’ll have access to. You can have both your UA implementation and the new GA4 implementation up and running at the same time.

Useful Articles for Migration:

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