Website Support

Keeping your website up to date and backed up is a vital part of running an online business and is often overlooked. Simply building a website and never looking at the back end is not good enough.

The real truth is that if you have a website for your business, you need to keep updating it to keep you protected from people who's hobby it is to destroy what you have worked so hard to build.

If you:

Then you've wandered into the right corner of the internet!

What is a Website Care Plan?

A Website Care Plan is designed to take the tedious tasks of making content updates, updating plugins, & making backups OFF of your hands – Freeing up time for you in your business so you can focus on revenue generating tasks.

With one of my Website Care Plans, you’ll be staying up to date with the latest security features for the various plugins/themes your website makes use of, have a solid Disaster Recovery plan if your website should ever go down, and be able to outsource those content updates so you gain more time back in your business.

You also get access to a ME! – A web professional with over a decade of experience, that can triage any issues that may come up and handle communicating with your web host to resolve technical problems.

Who is this for?

We offer Website Care Plans for any online business

Ongoing Support Packages


Ideal for basic websites that don't change often

Single Shot

Ideal for Coaches, Blogs, websites that advertise Events, or anyone who frequently updates content

Double Shot

Ideal for E-commerce websites & Bloggers who post content daily or weekly


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